Older Men Don't Realize THIS Attracts Younger Women (Do THIS To Tempt Her) High Value Psychology

Older Men Don’t Realize THIS Attracts Younger Women (Do THIS To Tempt Her) High Value Psychology

We understand it can be scary to find yourself single and looking at the dating pool from an older age. You assume that you will never find someone new, and you’ll be alone for the rest of your life. Well, that’s simply not true.

In fact, for some younger women, your age could be the one thing they are looking for when searching for a partner. And why? Well because you’ve lived and experienced things that they haven’t yet.

So, you are out and about and you spot an amazing woman and you want to go over and talk to her. What’s stopping you? How about trying one of these techniques that we’ve got for you and see if you can bag a babe.

How to attract a younger woman

Be kind

Many younger women are tired and bored of guys their age and their attitudes.

Many are influenced to be rude and cocky to girls around them, because they’ve been told that it keeps the ladies interested and swooning over them, apparently.

You know the whole “treat them mean to keep them keen” type of thing. It really doesn’t work. And in fact, it probably does the complete opposite.

One way that you can capture the young women’s attention is by being kind.

Not only does this separate you from the crowd, but it also makes them feel more comfortable and happier around you. And who doesn’t want to be happy.

When you show kindness to people you allow them to see your true character. Younger women prefer their partner to be kind and gentle, rather than the bad boy that a lot of Hollywood movies have portrayed to the world.

Dress nice

We know that you get to a certain age and then you just let loose. You don’t care too much about how you look, or how you look to other people. You find that you have bigger things to worry about than what type of jeans you’re wearing. And that’s great. We love that attitude!

But one thing that you can attract younger women with is by dressing nicely.

Now this could be simply wearing a suit to a special occasion. A nice pair of jeans and a sweater. It doesn’t mean you have to buy a whole new closet of designer items. Designer clothes aren’t always great, you don’t have to waste hundreds of dollars on a good belt. You can just go to any store and buy a nice belt.

Simply taking care of yourself and dressing for your body and confidence is like a magnet to younger women. 

Be mature

One thing that younger women love about older men is the level of maturity.

A lot of younger guys are very immature when it comes to dating. They believe in order for a relationship to be seen as strong and admirable it has to go through ups and downs like lying and cheating. This is not the case.

Women don’t like drama any more than the next person so having a partner who is above the drama and the lying is really beneficial for them.

Older guys have already been through all of the drama when they were younger. This is something that younger women actively look for when looking for an older partner.

So, if you’re an older guy and you’re looking for a younger woman, you simply just have to show your level of maturity and they will be eating out the palm of your hand.

Be honest

Nobody likes to be lied to regardless of their age or relationship with you.

A lot of the younger generation think that withholding the truth makes them a better person, rather than being completely honest and hurting someone’s feelings. And this is not the case.

I have never met a person who would rather be protected by the lie, than hurt by the truth.

Older men have already been through almost every scenario that you can come up with through their dating life. They know the importance of being honest with their partner. This is something that a lot of younger women like about them.

There is no room for overthinking or mind games, when both parties are being completely honest about how they feel, what has happened in a situation, and what they expect out of a relationship.

So if you are an older guy and you are trying to get the attention of a younger woman, one of the easiest things you can do is just be honest.

Smell nice

Never ever underestimate the power of a nice cologne.

People can smell you from a mile away and think about how attractive you are, even before they see you.

Our sense of smell is one of the strongest senses we have, it determines if we will like food before we’ve even tasted it. Now think about it, have you ever had to hold your nose whilst drinking some horrible medication? That’s because if you can’t smell it you can’t taste it.

Now your cologne doesn’t have to be expensive to smell nice either. Drugstore and high street brands are just as good as designer ones. More than often, you are paying for the brand name not the ingredients inside.

Find a scent that you like and that makes you feel confident in yourself.

Pair that with daily showers and deodorant and you’ll be smelly nice and sexy on a daily basis. The ladies will be falling at your feet. Once you find a lucky lady, every time she smells that smell – even if it’s not you – she will instantly think of you and smile.

Be confident

One of the best things about growing up and finding out who you are as a person is realizing the things you do should be for you and not others.

When you start to do things for you and your own happiness, the fear of not being liked or left out melts away.

Confidence is always about understanding that not everyone will like you, but that’s going to be ok because you can’t have everyone liking you.

Younger women love a confident man, and a confident man who knows who he is and is unapologetically himself is so sexy.

Confidence is contagious. A lot of younger women tend to go for confident men because it makes them feel more protected and safe in crowded rooms.

Be happy

Now I know this one sounds a bit funny but hear me out first.

When you are around negative people they tend to bring you down to their level of negativity, and eventually you start to feel sad and down without explanation.

Although it is understandable to have down days, if you make an effort to be happy with yourself, you will attract more happiness and positive vibes into your life.

When people around you see you being happy it makes them feel happy too.

For a lot of younger men who are still working their way through their emotions, they can mistreat younger women or become very negative to be around. This is why younger women tend to look for happier, older guys, who spend their lives doing things that makes them happy.

So, if you are a happy chap who likes to spend your spare time doing fun activities and spreading positivity, then just know that the younger women might be drawn to you like a magnet.


Ok, so lot of these techniques are more like personality traits and characteristics rather than tactics and tricks that you can implement into your daily life to capture the attention of a beautiful younger woman. Which I hope would melt a lot of your stress and anxiety away.

Too many older guys count themselves out before the race has even begun because they feel like the age gap between them and younger women is a huge no without even asking the ladies first. It’s like assuming you won’t find the lost key without looking under the last cushion and just giving up.

It’s important to understand that addressing the age gap is a good idea, it will be an elephant in the room. Once you have and find she is ok with the age gap, then you can continue to get to know each other without the anxiety of the age gap looming over your head. It may be a deciding factor, but it may not be.

Don’t rule yourself out before having that conversation first. You are more than your age and almost every younger woman loves an older guy.

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