MAKE GIRLS WANT YOU - Psychological Tricks To Get Your Crush To Like You Back

MAKE GIRLS WANT YOU – Psychological Tricks to Get Your Crush to Like You Back

Do you have your heart set on a girl, but you are not sure if she’s feeling the same way? Trying to figure out if your feelings are reciprocated can be really challenging at times!

This video is going to detail psychological tricks that you can use to make your crush fall head over heels for you!

It can be really confusing sometimes to gauge if a woman is actually into you or not. But by implementing these super easy psychological hacks, you can prompt your crush to realise their true feelings for you.

Psychological tricks to get your crush to like you back

Lots of eye contact

Eye contact can be super sexy!

It shows you are invested and interested in the person you are looking at and talking to.

You have probably heard of the expression that eyes are mirrors to the soul, and it’s true! Lots of eye contact really strengthens the depth of your connection with someone.

Prolonged eye contact has been shown to trigger the release of a chemical called phenylethylamine, which underpins feelings of attraction.

Research suggests that eye contact with someone you are into can also trigger the release of oxytocin, otherwise known as “the love drug!”

So, make sure you maintain lots of eye contact (just make sure it’s not creepy!)

Wear red

Several studies have shown that simply by wearing red you dramatically raise your sex appeal and attractiveness.

According to research, when women see a man wearing red, they associate it with high status and dominance – attractive traits for a man to have!

The color red is also said to trigger the primitive instinct of attraction in a woman.

So, if you want to capture your crush’s interest, consider dressing in crimson! 

Hang around lots of attractive people (especially women!)

Psychological research has found that when you hang around in a group of attractive people, others will tend to view you as more attractive.

This is down to something called the “Cheerleader effect” where your brain looks at a set of people and creates an “average.”

So, if the majority of people around you are attractive to look at, you will also be considered attractive!

When it comes to attracting girls, if you are hanging around lots of beautiful women, this also increases your attraction making you more desirable.

This is because girls are often quite competitive and will consider you to be a high-value man if you have so many beautiful women around you. 

Do a thrill-seeking activity with them 

Did you know that simply by taking your crush on a daring excursion can dramatically increase their attraction to you?

Science has found that the increased release of adrenaline in thrill seeking activities also increased the levels of attraction between men and women.

Several studies have commented on the relationship between adrenaline and arousal; so, if you want to spark your crush’s interest, simply try and convince them to join you in an adrenaline-inducing activity!

Spend lots of time with her!

It’s probably a no-brainer that the more time you spend with someone, the more likely the attraction that is between you is going to grow.

Not only does spending time with someone show them that you value and care about them. It also gives you the opportunity to connect on deeper levels. Spending more time with someone gives you the opportunity to discover more about them.

First dates are often quite superficial, so investing more time in a person allows for more insightful conversations to take place. Spending more time together also makes physical attraction less important, since compatibility will be based on your interaction. 

Whilst on the topic of spending time together, let me make it super clear. You need this time together to be friendly and warming.

Most guys assume hanging out is a signal they can get a little physical and try to speed things up. However, by taking things slow and using this time to actually hang out like friends will build the intimacy.

I guess you could say you are purposely friendzoning yourself, however from a lady’s perspective she will respect you more if you are a solid friend instead of a guy desperate to move things along.

So, use this time to be vulnerable, share secrets and enjoy each other’s company. And here’s a tip: Use this time to vet her. Make sure she is the right girl for you.

Most guys fall head over heels for a woman and want to rush the relationship. Eventually when they are together and start hanging out, he realises she is not as compatible as he once thought. He finds he has to majorly compromise or break things off. 

Laugh together!

Humor is frequently rated as being one of the most important characteristics in a potential partner from both sexes!

In fact, humor is even more highly rated than intelligence – when it comes to desirable traits in a romantic partner.

When you can laugh together, chances are your relationship is more likely to become something serious. However, always keep your humor and jokes classy!

Make sure you do not use any kind of self-deprecating humor or mocking jokes. And keep it natural… laughter is a great medicine in any relationship… but don’t force it!

Address them by their name

Research has found that humans respond positively to hearing their name being used in conversations. Hearing your name is affirming and serves as a little ego boost and can heighten the attraction between two people.

Addressing your crush by her name makes her feel special. You subconsciously make a point of letting her know you are only thinking about her.

So, whilst you don’t need to throw in her name every other sentence, it is worthwhile making a point of addressing her by her name at some point in your conversation. 

Compliment and affirm her 

Women are social and emotional creatures. The words you speak to her are especially important to her overall self-esteem and well-being.

If you have a crush on a girl, chances are you can list a good few things that you really like about her. Start by telling her these things!

Keep your compliments authentic and genuine, most women will be able to tell if you are just complimenting her with an ulterior motive.

Tell her the things about her which you are really attracted to. Keep your compliments short, sweet, and warm. Do not go overboard, because this could just come across as creepy and desperate.

But do let her know that you really appreciate her and boost her self-esteem! Girls want to be with someone who encourages and uplifts them, so don’t shy away from compliments! 

Tell her that you like her!

It might seem a little obvious – but actually, telling your crush that you like them is a great way of getting them to like you back! For one, it shows you have confidence and confidence is super attractive.

If the girl shares the same feelings for you, then your honesty is likely to encourage her to share her feelings too. On the flip side, if she does not share your feelings, she is likely to still appreciate your honesty and it means neither of you will be wasting your time.

So, although it may seem a little daunting or worrying, consider telling your crush directly how you feel about them … and wait and see how they respond!

Thank you for watching today’s video, we hope you enjoyed it and learnt some good tricks for impressing your crush!

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