This Risky Tactic Can Greatly Increase Attraction And Make Girls Want You – Making A Girl Jealous

Guide To Making A Girl Jealous & How It Increases Attraction. In today’s video we’re going to be discussing jealousy. And how, as a single guy or newly dating you can potentially use the way jealousy works to increase attraction. It should be noted that this is obviously a high risk dating tactic and there is definitely a right and wrong way to use this. If you want to girl a girl to like you, notice you, and ultimately become your girlfriend you need to make sure you’re not doing this incorrectly.

As an example, a time when this can massively come in handy in particular is when you find yourself in the friend zone with a girl. If you want to escape the friendzone, making use of the way jealousy works could show a girl how much she likes you and actually wants you as more than a friend. So if you want to finally get a girl to notice you for who you are, this could be a tip you can consider using.

Sometimes you do not know what you have got until it is completely gone. If you are having issues with getting a girl to pay you attention, it might be because they don’t truly understand your value yet. Making a girl jealous can help you increase attraction and help you ultimately win that girl. You just need to know how to do it in a positive way. So today’s video is your guide to making a girl jealous and how it can increase attraction. Are you intrigued? I bet you are.

How to make a girl jealous and how it increases attraction

Why should you make a girl feel jealous? 

When you are single and trying to attract ladies, they can lose interest quickly. You may have been on a few dates and you thought they went well. Then she steps messaging back as quickly and seems disinterested. This is all too common.

Women need to be met by challenges along the way to keep them interested! So if you are dating a girl and it’s new but she already seems to be losing interest it might be time to show her what she is missing. 

When to make a girl feel jealous?

You might be wondering when you should and shouldn’t make a girl feel jealous. Well, you should make a girl feel jealous if…

  • You have been friend-zoned but you know that she has feelings for you. 
  • You want to simply know what it is like to make a girl feel jealous and want you back.
  • You want to know if she cares about you.
  • She has lost interest in a short amount of time. 
  • You really like her and this could be your one shot to win her over. 

Ways to make a girl you like jealous

Let’s get into the juicy stuff! Making a girl jealous is like an art form. You don’t want to go too far and find that she walks away. It’s all about balance and doing just the right amount of jealousy making so that she wants to chase you. Remember to always be respectful even when making a girl jealous. 

Mention other girls on your first date 

The work to make a girl jealous starts right at the beginning. On your first date, you can slide in that you are dating other girls. She will most likely ask you about your dating life. Girls do this because they like to know if any other girls are around or if the man is solely interested in her.

Reply with something like “I am dating a few girls at the moment, how about you?”. Adding in how about you is important.

If you simply said that you are dating a few girls at the moment it might sound like you are showing off and put the girl off. However passing the question back to her makes it more about her, which ladies love.

She might reply saying that she is also dating other people or she might say only you. Either way in the back of her mind she is thinking about the competition she is facing.

Suddenly she has competition and all girls want to win over the man they are dating.

You might notice she starts organising more dates or messaging you first. This is a great sign it means that she is jealous and is willing to chase you. 

Appreciate another woman 

This is a difficult one to execute and guys I would only recommend it if you are a pro. It can go really wrong and paint you in a negative light which is not what we want!

Appreciating another woman in front of the girl you are dating shows that you are not yet sold only on her. Girls will often assume that they are the only girl in their life and might start getting too comfortable, basically falling asleep on the job. Your job is to keep them awake and alert.

When you are on a date you could mention something like “don’t you love her dress?”. That would be enough for her to think, oh she is looking at him.

Never make the compliment of the other woman sexual or too detailed. Keep it light by complimenting her outfit or something she is doing. If she is your waitress say to your lady, wow she is so good at her job. This will drive her wild and force her to work a little harder for your attention. You can enjoy the extra attention she gives you. 

Don’t answer her texts or phone calls 

You might have been on a few dates and now you are texting or phoning each other regularly! Well done for getting to this stage however is she replying back? How long does it take her to reply?

Is she sending long interesting messages? You can tell when you are messaging someone if they are interested or not. So if you are picking up the vibe that she is slipping away, it’s time to take action.

Start replying to her texts later and don’t answer her phone calls. When you do reply to her texts be polite but also be vague. This will leave her thinking about what you are doing and if you are losing interest in her. This should bring her right back to you. 

Work on your fitness

The inside matters to a lady but so does the outside. If she is not physically attracted to you, she won’t take it any further.

She is looking for a spark of passion so if you notice she is pulling back, start working on your body. Go to the gym more and start exercising. Not only will it make you happier as a person but it makes her want you more.

She will be really physically attracted to you and will be jealous because another lady could come in and snap you up! 

Use the power of social media 

If a girl is dating you, she is checking on your social media. So if you want to make her a little jealous maybe post a picture of you with some of your girl friends or of you doing something with someone else.

She won’t realise that they are just one of your girl friends and think you are on a date. This will make her very jealous and you might just find that you get a message from her saying “hey, wanna hang out”! 

Be happy and inspired

This point is less and jealously and more about increasing attraction. When a man is both happy and inspired he is seriously attractive.

If you are just yourself and are naturally happy she will think, wow he is such a positive person to spend time with.

If you find these things difficult then fake it until you make it around her but don’t be deceitful.

Our lives are better when we are happy and inspired so only change if you think it is something you would like for yourself. 

Be busy making your own life

Back to jealously. Girls love to have a man at their fingertips. They hate it when he says he is busy or doing something else.

She really does expect you to be at her beck and call. This is why it is important that before you start dating, you have your own life.

You should have a nice group of friends that you enjoy doing things with, hobbies and a job that interest you. These things will keep you naturally busy which is super important because you don’t want a girl to take over your life, you want her to add to it.

If she starts becoming distant and pulling away, then just get busy with your own life. If she likes you, she will get jealous that you are not chasing her and come running back.

If she does not like you, she won’t which is her loss but there are plenty more fish in the sea guys. 

How will you know when it works? 

It’s simple really, you will notice that she starts paying you more attention, there will be more passion in the relationship and she will start putting effort in.

She might arrange the dates more often or make romantic gestures. It’s often put on men to do all of these things so it’s nice when you can flip the script a little and get the girl to do more of the leg work.

Using some jealousy tactics can help you to ignite a relationship that is healthy and happy. Just make sure to use them wisely and always with respect. 

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