Signs Girls Think You're Good Looking

Signs Girls Think You’re Good Looking

It is a waste of energy and time to make assumptions on how someone feels about you. The truth is unless a girl tells you through their words or actions, you will never really know.

That is why it is handy to know the signs a girl will display when she thinks you are good looking. In today’s video I am going to reveal the signs that a girl thinks you are good looking.

Once you understand these signs you will be able to implement them into your everyday life improving your dating life. 

Signs she thinks you are good looking

Girls look up as you walk by 

This is one you might not notice because you have your back to a girl. If a girl looks up as you walk away, it’s a good sign and shows that they think you are good looking.

They are probably admiring you and thinking about how handsome you are. 

You don’t get very many compliments

This sign might sound strange or contradictory but it’s true. When someone is good looking everyone else assumes they know this and so they don’t compliment them.

Take a moment to think back in time, when was the last time someone complimented you? Was it a while ago?

Could it be because you fall into the good-looking category and therefore people don’t feel the need to compliment you!

This is a great sign even if it does not always feel great. 

Girls are shocked if you mention you have physical insecurities 

They can’t believe you wouldn’t think of yourself as perfect because that is how they view you.

The truth is though that everyone has physical insecurities even if they are good looking.

Big celebrities like Kim Kardashian even have physical insecurities! It’s very normal but it still surprises girls who view you as good looking. 

Girls follow you around on a night out

You go out with your guy friends not expecting to pick up a girl.

Every time you look around though, a girl wants your attention. You might end up leaving your friends because girls are paying you so much attention.

This shows that they think you are good looking, and they want to be the one that gets to go home with you. 

You are sexually busy

You almost have to keep a diary because your sex life is so busy!

Girls are constantly booty calling you and messaging you so that they can have alone time with you.

If you are sexually busy it is because girls like you physically and they like your personality. 

You live your life authentically 

You never try to be someone that you are not or do things just because other people are doing them, you remain true to who you are and live a life that is authentic.

This is part of who you are, and you might not even realize that you are like this.

To a girl this shows that you have strength and are not easily swayed. Girls really like this type of uniqueness, and it is something they want more of in their lives. 

Girls show off in front of you

It’s not difficult to notice when someone is showing off in front of you. They might laugh or speak louder than they normally would. When they have a conversation with you, they might tell you in great detail about everything amazing they have achieved or expensive purchases they have made lately.

You might not find this type of showing off attractive, but remember, they are only doing it because they want your attention so it’s a compliment really! 

Girls mirror your behavior 

Mirroring someone’s behavior is a sign that you like that person.

If a girl starts mirroring the things you say and the mannerisms you have, it’s a sign that she has feelings for you. Sometimes this can start happening as early as the first date. 

Other men are mean to you

Sometimes even your male friends are mean to you. Some people are just mean because it is their personality. Others are mean because they are jealous.

If you often have men being mean to you, it’s most likely because they view you as a threat.

This is probably because of your looks and how much luck you have with women. You might find that they don’t want to hang out with you because you attract all of the girls’ attention.

This can be hard to deal with but try to remember that you will find guy friends that are not threatened by you like this and they will be your true friends. 

Your exes come back

Guys often go back to their ex’s and try to win them back. Girls however rarely do.

If your ex’s just keep coming back after you have broken up it’s a sign you might be the one who got away. 

They lean in close to you

When you are speaking, they lean in close to show you that they are listening. When they are talking, they lean in to help close the gap and bring you both closer together.

They might also lean in close when you are walking down the street together or sitting next to each other. This is quite an obvious sign if you spot it.

You’re passionate and optimistic 

There is nothing more attractive than passion and being around someone who is eternally optimistic.

Passion makes everything exciting and lively.

Optimism makes everything positive and easy to deal with.

If you have these qualities, girls will not be able to resist you and will want to be around you as often as possible. 

You are self sufficient 

You can take care of yourself and don’t need to be mothered. Girls don’t like to mother their partners and it is something they find very unattractive.

They want to date a guy that is self-sufficient. Someone they can rely on to look after them but also to look after themselves.

If you have this type of personality, girls are going to flock to you, and it is even going to make you look better in their eyes. 

They display open body language

When they are around you they display open body language. This means they look relaxed and happy to be around you. They might have their hands by their sides or have uncrossed legs.

These are all signs of open body language which means they are comfortable when they are around you. 

Everyone says you are approachable 

Family, friends, colleagues, and girls comment on how approachable you are.

They can’t believe that you are as friendly as you are. Good looking people are often labeled as unfriendly which is why people are often surprised by how approachable they are. 

You have a great sense of humor 

Everyone you meet finds you funny. You have a very natural sense of humor and have the gift of making everyone feel included when you are making jokes.

Girls love funny guys, just think of all the comedian’s celebrity’s date.

You put a lot of effort into your appearance 

You always try to look your best.

Friends are always commenting on how stylish you are and how great you look. You keep up your personal hygiene, wear nice clothes and shoes.

If your friends pay you these compliments, then girls will definitely be noticing and admiring your appearance. 

Girls like your intelligence

You are so much more than a pretty face, you are also intelligent. You don’t show off in front of girls, but you do display your intelligence when they ask for your opinion on something or discuss your passion.

This intelligence only makes you more attractive to girls so do not try and hide it. 

Their voice changes

When they are talking to you, their voice changes. Normally they might have quite a neutral voice but when they are around you, it gets higher. This is a sign of nervousness and shows they like you. 

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