THIS Isn't Sexy - Worst Mistakes Guys Make When Trying To Look Attractive

THIS Isn’t Sexy – Worst Mistakes Guys Make When Trying to Look Attractive

It’s important to make a good impression when you are trying to impress a girl. Unfortunately, lots of guys miss the mark.

They either go in too strong or they don’t put in enough effort. Men tend to make common mistakes when they are trying to look attractive in front of a girl and they end up turning a girl off.

If you want to be on top of your game and go from a lady-less man to a ladies’ man, then get ready to learn what you should NOT do in the dating game. 

Worst Mistakes Guys Make Trying To Look Attractive

In today’s video I am going to school you in the worst mistakes guys make when they are trying to look attractive in front of girls. 

Wearing clothing that is too tight

You might think it’s sexy but even if you have a 10/10 body, clothes can be too tight. Girls like to see a little bit of muscle but anymore and it doesn’t leave them wanting more.

They want to have something to look forward to and that thing they are looking forward to is taking off your shirt and being surprised.

Take my advice because I know you trust me guys. Ditch the tight clothes and wear something that fits you right. 

Agreeing with everything a girl says 

When a guy does this, it leaves a girl thinking, does he have his own personality?

You might think you are being a gentleman by agreeing with everything she says. To a girl though, it looks like you are just weak, and that is not attractive in a lady’s mind.

She wants to know what you think, she wants you to challenge her, basically she wants a sparring partner. Just don’t knock her out! 

Buying shoes that don’t suit you

I get it, you love basketball shorts or sandals or even boat shoes, but do they suit you? We have all liked something that turned out not to suit us, shout out to my 2000’s tank top.

We might have worn it for a while thinking we looked amazing until we caught our reflection in a shop window and thought, what am I wearing?

Well, the same goes for shoes, not all shoes suit you. Your shoes also need to match your outfit.

If you need help, ask a friend or a shop assistant. It might just be time to reinvent your style

Wearing pleather instead of leather

The worst thing about pleather is how it is not breathable like at all… Girls might wear pleather sometimes, but they don’t like it when guys do.

Guys typically don’t wear many leather products so if they only have one and girl’s find out it’s pleather, well that’s it.

If you are considering going down the leather path at least invest in the real deal and avoid the nasty knock offs. 

Doing up all your buttons

There is a time and a place for this. If you are going to a very formal occasion or you are at work, then sure do up all your buttons.

If you are with friends or out for a casual date, undo the first button. Honestly when guys have their top button done up, I think, can you even breathe? Relax, unbutton, and show a little bit of neck! 

Or not doing up enough buttons…

Now we face the opposite problem. Did you notice that when talking about the last point I mentioned only undoing the first button? That’s because if you undo too many buttons’ things can get a little out of control.

Girls want to see some of you but not all of you. If you are on a beach, sure undo your buttons but if you are out shopping then make sure they are done up properly.

Basically, there is a time and place for everything and it’s your job to ask, is this it? 

Trying to be funny instead of just being funny

We all have our own unique sense of humor. Everyone is funny, it’s just that some people are funnier than others. Something that is just not sexy at all is when someone is trying to be funny.

It’s so obvious when someone is doing this and everyone else is just forced to sit there and fake laugh.

It can be something you do when you are nervous, but reign it in, or you might ruin your chances.

Just let your natural funny side come out and see how a girl reacts. 

Wearing trousers that are too long

I’ll be honest, there isn’t really an excuse for this anymore because we have so many choices.

Trousers now come in so many sizes. Wide leg, short leg, skinny leg honestly the list goes on!

Plus, there are tailors everywhere that can take your pants up. When your pants are too long, they drag along the ground, and they pick up dirt.

This makes you look messy which is not a look that girls find attractive. 

Ignoring how important quality fabric is

Fast fashion sells us low quality fabric. When you are on a date though and a girl touches you, high quality fabric can really seal the deal.

You might be thinking, yeah right! It’s true though because it tells the girl a lot about you. It shows her that you care about how you look, what you wear and where you buy clothes from.

I am not saying all your clothes have to be super high quality, but if you buy enough for dates, girls will be really impressed

Being a social media stalker

Everyone does a little bit of social media stalking right?

But I am here to ask you to not take it to the extreme. There is nothing worse for a girl than being on a date and a guy saying, “how is your cousin Jade?” The girl is left thinking, how does he know Jade?

After some time spent thinking about it, she will realize that he stalked her on social media and found out everything about her.

The fun part of social media is getting to know each other so don’t ruin it by stalking her! Sure, checking in to see what she is doing is fine, but try to stay away from full on FBI work. 

Wearing transition lenses

Wearing glasses can be such a hassle, I get it! Which is why people use transition lenses which help transform your glasses from day to well sun.

They don’t look good though and a pair of prescription sunglasses would be so much better! 

Being snobbish

No one likes it when someone makes them feel as though they are not worth anything.

This is why being snobbish is the absolute worst thing you could be.

Try instead to be down to earth, you’ll appear a lot more attractive. 

Having thread bare underwear

Why do guys do this?

If your underwear is down to the wire, replace it. There is nothing sexy about old underwear. 

Calling a girl babe

Girls call each other babe, they do not want a guy to call them it.

Try to avoid using it and instead use their name. It helps create a stronger connection between you both as well. 

Your tie being too thin

Guys, buy a thicker tie. If you have to wear a tie, then it looks better when it is thicker. Thin ties remind girls of teenage guys. 

Not knowing when to end a conversation 

Knowing when to walk away from a conversation or move on to a different topic is a skill which you need to master.

Girls will get bored if you just go on and on about the same thing.

They want to talk about a little bit of everything.

Have some conversation topics lined up so that you can discuss some different things and don’t forget to ask her questions about herself. 

Wearing a very deep V

Honestly, I would go as far as saying, no deep V’s. They have a place in history but not in the present.

Girls don’t find them sexy anymore unless Harry Styles is wearing one.

Try some assorted styles of shirts and sweaters to see what suits you. 

Wearing an ill-fitting suit

Now that tailors exist and have done for many years, there is no excuse for an ill-fitting suit.

Find one that you like and then take it to a tailor for you to alter. A suit is the ultimate sex symbol for girls, so it is worth getting it right!

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