12 Subconscious Signs She Wants You - Body Language Signals That Reveal Her Attraction to You

12 Subconscious Signs She Wants You – Body Language Signals That Reveal Her Attraction to You

Is there a female in your life who is being coy and hard to get? 

Not to worry. It’s not as difficult to figure out if she likes you as you would imagine. Knowing which precise tiny indications to watch for is the trick.

According to a recent psychological study, men are more likely to perceive a behavior as flirtatious and seductive than women are when they observe the same behavior. 

Men frequently misinterpret women’s messages. So, to help make this type of communication easier, we’re going to give you signs that she likes you. 

Don’t miss the signs of a promising opportunity

She lets you know that she is available

She may be being forward by asking about your relationship status, but she still needs to find a way to let you know she’s single. A girl would try to let you know that she is not in a relationship to see how you respond. She could say rather blatantly ‘I’m really sick of being single’.

By discussing dating and her most recent adventures or grumbling about the people she is seeing, she will want to make it clear that she is open to meeting new people.

The latter is her way of letting you know that, despite the attention she is receiving, she is interested in you and is hoping that you will take that hint. 

Before checking for any hints, chat for 10 minutes

A ten-minute flirtation period was allowed for participants in a recent study. They were recorded on camera, and after that it was determined whether or not they were flirting when they were interviewed. 

The study team discovered that early in the conversation, all signs of interest were meaningless.

After at least four minutes of conversation, if the lady maintained making the same signs repeatedly, it indicated genuine interest.

Women, for example, seemed to relax as the talking progressed. When someone was interested, they tended to tilt their heads, make more hand signals, and play more with their clothes.

Because of this, it’s important to engage a woman in conversation for a few minutes before attempting to read any level-related cues that she may be giving off. 

Keep an eye on her mannerisms

Although a girl will make an effort to hide her body language, if you look for it, you can spot the indications.

If you see her glancing in the mirror, she could be preening, perhaps specifically for you. Preening is the act of making oneself seem good when one is with another person. 

Open body language is another indication to watch for.

She does this by facing you and pointing her feet in your direction. Unintentionally turning her head to the side and grinning at you.

If she is crushing hard, she most likely can’t help it! She could even pull her tummy in while pushing her chest out by pulling back her shoulders.

She has dilated pupils 

When you do talk to her, pay great attention to her eyes. Are her pupils large and round or small and pointed?

A lady will reveal slight physical changes when she feels closer to you. Your brain releases oxytocin and dopamine in reaction to physiological responses like sexual arousal or desire, which have an impact on your pupil size.

It may be a sign that a lady is content and at peace when her pupils widen and enlarge. It’s possible that you’re approaching her more and that she’s beginning to feel drawn to you. 

She’s interested in the girls around you

Her interest in knowing about your social life is likely motivated by more than simple curiosity. A girl who is interested in you will try to determine whether you are seeing anybody else right now.

She’ll probably become curious if she notices you snooping around your girlfriends and inquire about them if she does.

Subtle comments such as “how long have the two of you been dating? ” or sly remarks like “you two look great together!” are a few examples of how a girl can make an effort to understand the nature of your relationships with others. 

There is a change in her voice

Take note of a woman’s voice when you first meet her.

If you notice a gradual rise or decrease in her vocal tone, it can be a sign that she is drawn to you.

We regularly change our vocal tones in everyday speaking situations in an effort to stand out from the crowd. When we are drawn to someone, our voices will become quieter, or louder, or more intense.

Try to pick up on the little changes in her voice as you talk to her more. She can be telling you more through her behavior rather than through words. 

Talking too much or too little and there is no in between 

Girls love to chat, as we all know, but is this girl talking a little too much or not enough?

If she likes you, she might not be able to resist. Watch for either of these signs since worried people tend to be either too chatty or extremely shy.

You might have to take the initiative and approach her with questions if you’re into her. 

She asks you a billion questions 

Asking you questions is a sure-fire indicator that a girl likes you.

It’s amazing that she wants to find out more about you. You might wish to end a one-sided conversation if you’re doing all the talking. She either has no interest in you because she is utterly bored, or she is uninterested and has nothing to add. 

To keep a conversation moving, use open-ended questions. She is trying to discover more about you and wants you to share deeper information by asking questions that go beyond a simple yes or no answer. 

She is secretly gazing at you

Do you ever feel as though someone is watching you?

Her eyes, if she likes you, will almost always be locked with yours as you scan the room.

You see her looking away in an instant, looking a bit ashamed to be caught, possibly because she didn’t think you’d catch her staring at you.

She’s probably interested in you if she’s stealing glances from you, and not just the fleeting ones. 

She recalls information from earlier conversations

So, you’ve been chatting to a girl a lot, and she keeps bringing up bits and pieces from your earlier conversations – you’ve made an impression, and she’s trying to tell you she likes you.

Making the decision to express your feelings to someone is scary. Instead, you should focus on the minor details. You may be very certain she cares for you if you find yourself thinking, “Wow, I can’t believe you remember that.” Keep in mind that not everyone has a perfect recall.

She keeps an eye on you as she flirts with others 

Without asking you, she wants to know how you feel about her. She can do this by flirting with nearby people to test how you respond to them, for example. 

She observes you carefully because she wants to know if being around other males affects you in any way.

She starts the conversations and replies quickly

In the past, a couple might get by with just a letter to their partner every few weeks. However, communication is instantaneous in the twenty-first century. There are several ways to communicate, including phone conversations, text messages, emails, and social media. 

No matter how many ways there are to communicate, everyone has a right to their privacy and a break from the phone or computer.

You’re on the right track with her if you feel like you can hardly put your phone down before she answers your text.

Even better would be for her to strike up the discussion. She’s keeping the lines of communication open, which is important since it’s obvious she wants to speak with you. 

In general, women show their interest in things far more delicately than do men. So, the more you pay attention to the small signs in her body language, physiology, and speech, the more you will appreciate her level of attraction to you

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