How To Make Any Woman Miss You (Attraction & Psychology Facts)

How To Make Any Woman Miss You (Attraction & Psychology Facts)

It is human nature to want to feel needed which is why we all want to be missed at some point in our lives.

Whether you are in a relationship or just dating someone, getting someone to miss you is probably something you instinctively want.

Luckily you can make any woman, whether you are in a relationship with them or not, miss you.

To do this, there are things that you need to do. Let’s find out what those things are…

How To Make A Woman Miss You

Be mysterious 

Women are naturally inquisitive, and they want to know more which is why being mysterious around them works.

You need to tell the other person enough about you to interest them but also keep some things back. Not telling them everything will keep them guessing and on their toes.

By saving this information it will keep her around and wanting to get to know more about you.

Share some stuff with her but not everything. 

Don’t just talk about yourself 

Ask her questions about herself and get to know her.

She will also ask you questions about yourself but it’s never good if all you do is talk about yourself.

You should both be sharing the conversation and getting to know each other equally.

The more you know about her, the deeper the connection you will share and the more she will miss you when you are not around. 

Slow down with the technology

You don’t need to be messaging her on every single app, phoning her and texting her. This won’t give her any time to miss you at all!

You need to give her some breathing space so that she has time to miss you

Spend some time apart 

When you are first in a relationship, it is tempting to spend all your time with the other person. In fact, you want to spend all your time with them, it is understandable.

If you do this though then they will never have a chance to miss you because they are always with you.

Make sure you spend some time doing your own things. 

Show her a fun time 

Have fun when you are together! Make your dates an adventure, take her to fun places and make sure you always laugh when you are together.

When we have fun with someone, our endorphins increase which create a natural drug and hormone called dopamine.

That feeling of having fun always sticks with us and we associate it with that person.

So, if you want her to miss you, have fun with her. 

Don’t spend too much time on your phone 

Spending too much time on your phone when you are with someone can be really off putting.

It makes them feel as though you don’t really care about what they are saying or about them.

If you want to be more memorable than you need to be present when you are together. 

Don’t act desperate 

If you act desperate then any woman you date will think of you as a desperate person who just wants anyone.

You need to step away from this and put out a different impression.

For someone to miss you, they need to see you are worthwhile and an important part of their life and happiness.

So instead of acting desperate, trust that whatever is meant for you, won’t pass you by.

If a woman is really meant for you, you won’t need to act so desperately she will come your way. 

Give her independence 

Independence is really important in any relationship.

To live your own happy life, you both need to have one together and one apart. Sure you will both share passions and interests but it is important that you do things apart and have time to spend with friends.

If you give her independence it will only make her like you more and while you are apart, she will miss you. She might be in a shop for example and see something that makes her think of you.

Give her space to breathe 

This one is similar to giving her independence. It is important to give a girl room to breathe otherwise how can she miss you.

She might be going through a difficult time and need some space to be by herself.

If you give her this, she will come back having missed you. 

Take things slowly 

What is the rush? If you like her and you know that she likes you, you don’t need to rush into anything.

Taking things slow allows you to form a deeper connection which means she is more likely to miss you when you are not around. 

Find something of your own to do 

If the only good thing you have going on in your life is her then you need to make some sort of change.

It is great that she makes you so happy but you need to have your own things going on. Try a new sport out or maybe join another club.

Focus on doing things that make you happy and add to your life in a positive way.

It will make you more interesting to any woman and also give them time apart from you, to miss you. 

Don’t try to make her like everything that you like 

You have interests and passions that you want to share with the woman you are dating.

This is fair enough, but you need to remember that they are your passions and interests.

If she does not show interest in them, it does not mean that she doesn’t care. It just means that she might not find them interesting.

There is no point forcing her into liking everything you like.

Tell her about your passions but don’t force them on her. 

Always be reliable 

If you say you are going to do something, do it and if you say you are going to be somewhere, be there.

Being reliable helps women trust you and yes rely on you.

The more trust that is built, the deeper the connection and the more someone will miss you.

When you are reliable someone feels as though they are able to miss you because you will always be there for them. 

Surprise her

Who doesn’t love a surprise?

Surprising someone shows them that you really care about them.

It makes them feel special and loved. Why not take her on a surprise date? Or surprise her with her favorite flowers? It’s romantic and something she will never forget. 

Give her something that reminds her of you 

Giving a girl something like your hoodie will remind her of you when you are not around and lead to her missing you.

She might wear the hoodie in bed and think about how much she wishes you were there in bed with her.

Or if she loves something you own, like a picture, you could give her that to display in her home and every time she sees it she will think of you. 

Be a fun person to be around 

When you are fun to be around, everyone wants to be around you. Including the woman that you like!

We all want to be around people who are fun to be around.

When you are together make sure you are showing her the best version of yourself so that she always has fun when she is with you. 

Give her great memories 

Make great memories together so that she has memories to look back on, think about and miss.

Anything could be a great memory. It does not need to be expensive or really out there.

It could be something as small as sharing some ice cream or it could be going to a great movie.

The more memories she has, the more opportunities she has to miss you. 

Be sweet to her

Be a nice person and do nice things for her. We never forget the nice things people do for us or the times when we were really low and they were really nice to us.

It’s free to be kind and do sweet things for people so why not do them for her so that she always has the best impression of you. 

Do something personal for her 

You could do something for her that will mean a lot to her. Something personal that you have put thought into.

You could make her a scrapbook with pictures of your dates together, you could make her a Spotify playlist with songs that make you think of her or you could remember a date that is important to her.

Some of these might require a little effort on your part but she will never forget it. 

Kiss her and hold her

When we like someone, what we often miss is their physical touch.

When we are apart we might crave kissing them or hugging them. When you are together the more you kiss and touch her, the more she will miss it when you are apart.

Make sure you do it every time you are both together. Then when you are apart you can message her and say something like, I miss kissing you. That will make her think about you all the time. 

Write her a romantic letter

This is like the cutest thing a guy could ever do!

Writing a romantic letter to a woman might seem cringe but she will find it so cute because who even writes letters anymore!

It could be a letter that invites her on a date with you or tells her what a great time you have had with her!

She will treasure it forever and read it anytime she misses you. 

Treat her well

Always treat her like you would treat her on the first date. 

Don’t take her for granted 

This happens far too often.

When you have someone’s attention and you have been together for a while, you start to take them for granted.

You expect them to always be there and for them to always miss you. You don’t picture them leaving you or feeling under appreciated. Normally we put all of our effort into the start of the relationship, when we want to impress someone but then we don’t carry it on.

If you never take her for granted and always keep doing the things that make her happy then you won’t lose her and she will miss you. 

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