17 Subtle Signs She Wants to Be Your Girlfriend

17 Subtle Signs She Wants to Be Your Girlfriend

If you have been trying to figure out what a girl wants from you and whether she wants to be your girlfriend then this video is for you.

When a girl wants to become a girlfriend she shows off some subtle signs that you could miss if you don’t know what they are.

Today video I am going to tell you which signs to look out for so that you know when it’s time to ask her that big question, “will you be my girlfriend?”. 

Subtle Signs She Wants To Be Your Girlfriend

She listens to you

When you are talking, she really listens to you.

She seems to be really interested in your conversations and she shows you that she listened by repeating back to you what you said.

When a girl listens to you like this it shows that she really cares about you and is interested in something more than friendship. 

She’s introduced you to people close to her

This is a big one and a not-so-subtle sign.

If a girl is introducing you to her friends and family then she is very serious about you.

It can be quite daunting meeting the important people in a girl’s life and you might not have realized that she felt that strongly about you.

The next logical stage in her mind will be for you to become her boyfriend. She might be close to asking you or waiting for you to make the move and ask her.

Remember this would be so subtle that she may not make it obvious that her VIP’s know all about you.

Maybe you are next to her when she takes a call and she mentions ‘oh I’m just hanging out with Darren’ she will use your first name instead of saying ‘I’m hanging out with a friend’ this will happen because the person on the end of the phone already knows who you are, and she is making the point of ‘please call back later, I’m hanging out with my crush, don’t ruin this for me!’

Or perhaps you physically see one of her friends or family members when you guys are together, if the other person acts weird to you, talking as if they have already met you, and trying to poke fun at you guys already dating, take this as a good sign

You have deep conversations 

You don’t just talk about service level things, you dig deeper.

When you both have conversations you talk about deep things. You speak about things like your childhood and your biggest fears.

You both even speak about the future together. She might mention you being in her future which would be a big step and shows that she sees a future with her.

When conversations move on from just being surface level it shows that she is serious and wants things to progress. 

She is vulnerable with you 

You might notice that she starts to open up around you.

She tells you about the more vulnerable parts of her life and the experiences she has had. When is feeling down she opens up and tells you why.

This shows that she trusts you. Getting a girl to trust you is a huge step and it means she is committed to you. 

She talks about a future with you 

She asks you to go to events she has coming up in the future like a friend’s wedding.

This shows she sees a future with you and probably spends a lot of time thinking about it. She might even talk about things she wants to do in the future with you like move in together or even be your girlfriend.

Take this as a huge hint that she wants to be your girlfriend. 

She’s off online dating 

You won’t find her on Hinge or Tinder. She is off online dating so that can focus on you. I think this tells you everything you need to know. She wants to be your girlfriend! 

You’re the first person she calls 

When something goes wrong or she has exciting news, she calls you first!

This shows that to her, you are really important and she wants to share everything with you.

Think about who you would call if something great happened or something not so great, I am sure they are important to you. Well that is how she feels about you. 

She knows the small things

She magically remembers all the small things about you.

From the color of your eyes to your favorite ice cream. She seems to have the ability to remember all the small details which make you feel like she is interested in you.

That is of course because she is interested in you. In fact , if she is doing this, she likes you a lot more than she is probably letting on. 

She says she is looking for something more

This is her basically telling you that she wants to be your girlfriend so it isn’t so subtle.

If she tells you she is looking for something, things might be moving a little too slow for her.

You might have both been dating for a while and she has been waiting for you to make your next move but you just haven’t been doing it!

This is her giving you one last prompt to make it official before she takes the hint and moves along. You don’t want to miss this sign if you like her

She takes care of you

When you are sick she looks after you. She always checks in and makes sure you are ok.

If something is bothering you then she tries to help you solve it.

She obviously really cares about you which is why she goes to all this effort.

It’s worth flipping it here and thinking about the people you care for. They are probably really special to you so that should give you an idea of how she feels about you. 

She is physical with you

She touches you compassionately, hugs you and kisses you when she is around you. She touches you in a flirty way but also in a caring way.

This again shows that she has feelings for you and doesn’t want you to friendzone her which is why she is making physical contact with you. 

She surprises you

She surprises you with fun dates and coffee from your favorite coffee shop.

She has obviously put a lot of thought and effort into these surprises which should show you how serious she is about you.

Even the smallest surprises show she cares but it’s not a one-way street! She wants you to surprise her as well and show her that you care. 

She gets your humor

Everyone has their own unique sense of humor and that includes you.

If she finds everything you say funny and seems to understand your sense of humor it’s a great sign.

It shows that you are compatible, and you will always be laughing when you are together.

It also shows that she wants to impress you. We often find ourselves impressed by people that find us funny and we tend to like them more.

She takes an interest in your hobbies

She is genuinely interested in your hobbies and passions.

She asks you about them and wants to learn more.

There’s nothing sexier than someone who is passionate about their hobbies, and she will find it very attractive when you talk about them.

If she was not interested in being your girlfriend she probably would not bother taking the time to learn about your hobbies. 

She spends time with you outside of the bedroom

It’s not just sex and one night stands, she actually wants to spend time with you outside of the bedroom.

She asks you on dates during the day not just at night and she wants to do things like mini golf.

These are so different to just sex because you are getting to know each other more.

Any dates that happen outside of the bedroom are instantly more serious than any time you spend inside of the bedroom. 

She asks you what you are looking for in a girlfriend 

She casually drops into a conversation that she was wondering what you are looking for in a girlfriend.

She might ask you quickly or take her time asking the question. What she wants you to answer is, I am looking for you. Be careful what you answer guys! 

She practically behaves like you are in a relationship 

You date briefly and then skip to behaving like you are in a relationship.

This shows that she is ready to move onto this stage. She might move herself into your house or just start taking you along to family events.

You might not be able to tell at first what is happening but if you take a step back and look at what is happening you might just see that it is obvious she wants more.

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