15 Easy Ways To Make A Girl Chase You (Attraction & Psychology Tips)

15 Easy Ways to Make a Girl Chase You (Attraction & Psychology Tips)

It’s not easy to get the girl, if it was everyone would have the girl already.

You need to work for it but chasing a girl normally puts her off so how do you win her over? Well, we know that girls don’t like to be chased, they prefer doing some of the chasing.

If guys are too intense, they will often avoid them like the plague so you need to find a middle ground and become the person being chased. To do this, there are certain behaviors you need to adopt which is what today’s video is about.

Learn the 15 behaviors that will make someone chase you?

Make the best first impression

This is the most important step and it’s the first.

We have about 7 seconds to make a good impression on someone and believe me when I say it’s a lasting impression.

We normally can’t change that person’s opinion of us after 7 seconds. Even if they grow to like us more, they will always have doubts if the first impression did not go well.

So how do you make a good first impression? Well first of all, you can’t forget to smile!

Secondly, walk up to the person with confidence. Introduce yourself and ask them for their name, if they are with their friends don’t forget to talk to their friends and ask them their names as well, it’s polite.

In that 7 seconds you need to come across as a friendly, confident person and you now both have some sort of connection because you know each other’s names. 

Make yourself a challenge 

Don’t make yourself easy to get.

You do need to put some effort into winning a girl over and that does include showing her attention but you also need to make yourself challenging to win. For example, you might talk to her when you see her in a bar but the next time, you wait for her to come to you.

When she messages you, you make sure to reply but you wait an hour before you do.

Another way to make yourself a challenge is not to mention your dating life. Unless she asks you, are you dating anyone else? Don’t tell her and leave her to guess. 

Always ask the right questions 

If you listen to what someone is saying to you, then it is easy to ask the right questions.

Imagine you are at a bar with a girl, and she is talking about the new job she has just started. If you are listening to her then you will pick up specifics about her new job and be able to ask her questions about them showing her that you are interested in her.

The more interested you seem, the more interesting she finds you. Girls like it when men show interest in them after all. 

Give her space

Nothing seems more desperate than always hanging around a girl and never giving her space.

As I have already mentioned, girls like to do some of the chasing so you need to give her some space to do just that.

This isn’t necessarily playing hard to get but it might seem like you are in a girl’s eyes and it will only make her want you more. 

Pay attention to the small details 

Pick up on things she says and does and remember them. The more you can remember the better, because you can use it all later to impress her.

She might tell you about her friend’s wedding that is happening in a few months, if you can remember when it is then after it happens you can ask how it went.

Girls simply don’t expect men to remember small details so if you do, it makes you someone that she is more willing to chase. 

Know where to draw the line

Meet her, flirt with her, talk to her and ask her on a date. If she says no though, don’t keep asking her! It will only make you look desperate, and she will instantly stop chasing you.

Understanding how much effort you should put in and when to pull back is key if you want her to chase you.

If you take it too far, she will be put off but if you don’t take it far enough she will think you are not interested.

It’s simply all about balance. 

Spend time getting to know her

Men are often in a rush to win women over and get them on a date which means they don’t step back and simply get to know a woman.

Instead of rushing ahead and trying to corner her, take some time to ask her about herself, get to know her and understand her before asking her on a date.

This can often lead to a higher success rate because what you have done by getting to know her is make a connection which women don’t like to lose easily and will chase a man if it means maintaining the connection. 

Be funny

It’s wild how important being funny is to a woman. We love men who can make us laugh until we cry.

We don’t expect you to be a comedian but cracking the odd joke here and there is important.

If you find it hard to be funny then don’t overthink it, relax and it will come naturally at the right moment. 

Don’t give everything away 

Mystery is so underrated in dating!

Having an air of mystery about you can really make a girl chase you. Why? Because she wants to know more about you!

She wants to be the girl that knows you even better than your family does. That alone will drive a girl and motivate her to chase a guy! 

Stop chasing her

It sounds simple but it is amazing how many guys still do this. Stop chasing a girl, let her chase you.

The minute you stop putting all your effort into chasing girls, you will notice that the tables turn, and they start chasing you. That’s because when you are chasing, you are putting out desperation.

If you are not chasing then you are putting out confidence, the “I know I am good enough which is why I don’t need to chase girls” kind of confidence. Girls find this more attractive and it’s more likely to pull them in. 

Socialize with her friends

It’s not just about impressing her, it’s also about impressing her friends.

If a girl’s friends like you then you have basically won.

They will be your biggest cheerleaders because whoever their friend dates, they have to hang out with so it’s better that they like you then they don’t.

If you really hit it off with them they will remind her how lucky she is to have you and encourage her to chase after you. It’s a great way for you to stay up in conversation as well. 

Have your own life

Does a girl chasing you sound good? Great, well to make it happen you need to have your own life.

That’s right guys! You can’t be girl crazy.

You need to focus on other things in your life like your career, traveling, your friends and your hobbies and interests. These are the things that a girl will be interested in hearing about and be attracted to.

They will love your drive and passion, meeting your friends and slotting into your exciting life. You will have stories to share and secrets to tell.

This all makes you a more interesting guy and the kind of person a girl wants to chase! So before you think about girls, get your life sorted. 

Break the touch barrier

If a girl is attracted to you and you touch her then she will not be able to stop thinking about you. Honestly, you will be the only thing on her mind.

She will think to herself, what did that touch mean? Do you think he likes me?

It does not need to be a long touch, it can be something as simple as tapping her shoulder while giving her eye contact. The quicker the better actually!

So next time you want a girl to chase you, simply touch her and watch her come running. 

Let her take the lead 

If you want her to chase you then you need to give her some level of control.

Let her be the one to ask you on dates and organize them.

When you are in a room together, let her approach you for a conversation and not the other way around. If you do these things first then really you are the one who is chasing her.

So let her do them and once she has chased, you can take over. 

Don’t be desperate 

Finally, and I really cannot emphasize this enough, stop being desperate.

The minute you stop acting in a desperate way is the minute you start having more luck with the ladies.

They will pick up on this energy you are putting out into the world and will be drawn to you.

It’s funny how when you are desperate for something it never arrives but when you stop wanting it, it comes your way! Don’t forget that guys. 

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