15 Ways To Make Girls Obsess Over You (Attraction & Psychology Tips)

15 Ways to Make Girls Obsess Over You (Attraction & Psychology Tips)

If you want to make a woman obsessed with you, start by understanding how and what she thinks.

It’s so easy to get swept up in getting a girl to like you, that you forget that she thinks differently to you therefore your tricks won’t work on her!

You need to do things differently if you want her to be obsessed with you. 

Secret ways to make a woman obsessed with you!

Show off your adventurous spirit 

Women are obsessed with adventure, why do you think they like men who play sports so much?

They will become obsessed with any man who has an adventurous spirit. It makes them more fun but also more interesting.

If a man can be adventurous then in a woman’s mind, the relationship will always be interesting.

You can show her this side of your personality by taking her on an adventure date like a hike. 

Be a little mysterious 

Don’t give everything away on the first date or even the second.

Keep some things about yourself secret and avoid oversharing. Women love it when they feel as though they don’t know everything about a guy.

They feel as though they need to get to know him which is sometimes what keeps them obsessed with a guy. They just have to know more and more which means they stick around to find out. 

Just relax and try not to act stressed

Stress makes you seem nervous which is something you should try to avoid when you are trying to impress a woman.

If you are relaxed and not stressed, you will appear more confident and women will be more attracted to you.

Also typically women want a man that is more level headed as a partner so behaving this way from the very beginning is more beneficial.  

Think about your teeth

Women are honestly obsessed with men’s teeth. They will look at your teeth while you are speaking.

We don’t expect you to look like one of the men on toothpaste commercials, but we want to see that you are looking after your teeth. This means fresh breath and brushed teeth.

If a man looks after his teeth it normally means he looks after himself which is why this is something women obsess over. 

Crack a joke

Laughter is something we should all do more often because it makes us happy!

Women love an effortlessly funny guy. Someone who can make them laugh uncontrollably and laugh until they cry!

You don’t need to be the funniest guy to ever exist, just someone who has some funny bones. If you don’t know how to be funny, start by making fun of things that you do and go from there. 

Groom yourself properly

Yes it can be annoying and yes it takes time but grooming yourself properly cannot be underrated if you want to make a woman obsessed with you.

It can be as simple as getting a fresh haircut, taking care of any facial hair, wearing aftershave and deodorant but it makes a world of difference.

It is actually the difference between a woman being obsessed with you and a woman not being obsessed with you and it only takes a few minutes every day

Dress to impress

Want a woman to be obsessed with you? Then start dressing the part!

Whenever you think you might see the girl that you like or just be around women, dress nicely and make an effort.

You only need a few nice pieces in your wardrobe to make this happen. Don’t forget it’s not just about your clothes but your shoes as well.

Show her you are intelligent 

Girls like intelligent men who don’t show off their intelligence.

They want to know that you are intelligent but they don’t want you to shove it in their face all the time!

When she asks, tell her what you do for a living and show her how passionate about it you are. Tell her about your goals and explain what you are working for, maybe it’s to save for a house or maybe it’s for a promotion.

Either way showing her that you are working towards something, tells her that you have a level of intelligence without having to bombard her with facts. 

Be focused on your goals 

Women are obsessed with men who have their own lives.

Sure she wants you to pay her attention and she wants to do things with you but she also wants you to have your own motivations in life, goals and driving forces.

Tell her about your goals and what you need to do to achieve them so that she understands you will not always be available to her because you are busy working to achieve something that is important to her.

Although some girls might be really clingy, most will be obsessed with the fact that you are so driven. 

Be sincere and thoughtful 

Do things because you actually want to do them, not because you think you should do them or are told to do them.

Also be thoughtful about how you speak to any women you are around and do nice things for them just because you want to.

Girls can pick up on when men are actually being sincere about something but it’s something they really look for in a partner so it’s best to show her this early on.

Always tell her how she is unique 

Girls do not want to be compared to your ex.

They also don’t want to be compared to other girls. Everyone is unique and has their own personality traits. These may cross over with some other people but they have their own unique mix of looks and personality.

Telling a woman how she is unique and that she is shows your sensitive side and also makes her feel special.

It costs you nothing to point these things out but really makes a girl fall for you even more.

Find something that she does that is something unique to her and tell her you have noticed it.

Don’t give her all of your attention

Do not get me wrong, women love attention from men. In fact they normally like all the attention they can get but if you do this then you are not giving yourself any attention.

You might want women to be obsessed with you, but you shouldn’t lose yourself.

Plus when you don’t give a girl all your attention it keeps her on her toes which makes her even more obsessed with you because it’s a layer of mystery. 

Work on your eye contact game 

Eye contact is so important because it establishes a connection between you and another person.

If you can give a woman good eye contact, she will be interested in you.

Eye contact comes in many forms and to show a woman that you are interested you need to use them all.

The first type of eye contact is quick eye contact. You might look at her and then look away while she is standing at a bar. This tells her that you might be interested in her, or you might have looked at her by mistake, again mystery!

The second type of eye contact is longer eye contact, you look at her, she looks at you, you might smile slightly and then look away and continue your conversation.

The third type is prolonged eye contact. This is when you look a girl in the eyes while she is talking to you which means you both have to be close for this one to work.

The mix of these three different types of eye contact is enough to make a girl interested in you. 

Show her that you are a high value person 

A high value person is someone that women really want in their life. They add something to the lives of the people around them.

They are often driven, passionate, kind and funny. They are able to look after the people that are close to them and be a major part of their lives.

Even if you don’t feel like you are at the moment, you are most likely a high value person, you might just need to work on a few things to become even better.

Showing a girl this side of you will make her truly obsessed with you. 

Don’t end up in the friendzone 

This is the last thing you want! If you want to make a woman obsessed with you then you want to stay well clear of the dreaded friend zone.

Being nice to a woman and being friendly can sometimes make a woman think of you as a friend. Of course you should still be nice and friendly to a woman but to avoid being friendzoned, ask her on a date, flirt with her, hold her hand, tell her she is pretty and eventually move things into the bedroom.

Doing these things, shows a woman that you want something more than friendship and helps you avoid the zone!

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