how to get a hot girl to like you

Do THIS To Get Hot Girls To Like You – How To Get A Hot Girl To Fall For You (ULTIMATE GUIDE)

Learn how to get a hot girl to fall for you. In today’s video we’re going to be discussing what you need to do if you want a hot girl to like you.

What’s hot or not is down to your individual preferences and it’s only your own thinking and lack of confidence that usually prevents you from making a move and approaching a hot girl.

We’re going to be taking a look at 11 tips you can take on board so that you can finally approach a girl that you think’s hot and get her to fall for you. From how to talk to a hot girl, you’re body language when around a hot girl and more.

How To Get A Hot Girl To Like You

Today’s video is going to show you how to get a hot girl to fall for you. 

You’ve spotted a hot girl across the room and you’re thinking “wow she looks good”. Then you think “she would never go for me”. 

This type of thinking limits you from reaching these high-value girls. Girls like every and all types of guys so whose to say that you are out of the running? You just need the right tools and knowledge behind you. With it, you can’t fail and that hot girl will be falling deeply for you in no time. 

So let’s look at how you can get a hot girl to fall for you. 

Watch your manners 

All girls love guys with manners. In fact, it is very important to us. We like to feel respected and equal. If you are trying to attract a hot girl and get her to fall for you, manners are very important.

Make sure to be a proper gentleman. Open the door for her, take her coat and pull out a chair. Say please and thank you. If you are out at a restaurant, make sure to be polite to the staff as girls pick up on things like this. 

Basically, if you have your eye on that hot girl, learn your p’s & q’s. 

If you are walking next to the hot girl, slow down

Say the hot girl is in your office and you are off to a meeting together but you are not in a rush. Slow down your walk. It gives her more time to look at you, it makes you look confident and it gives her attention, which she will love.

Don’t slow down to snails pace, no one enjoys that but slow down enough for her to be able to really take notice. 

Put your shoulders back, back straight and head up tall! 

Show her why you are unique

The phrase “plenty more fish in the sea” comes to mind. It’s true guys, there are plenty of suitors for hot girls around. You need to show her why you are unique, basically why she should pick you

Now don’t use it as an excuse to flash your ego around, still be a humble gentleman but you can show her some of your unique qualities

For example maybe you have a unique hobby like table tennis, fishing or collecting figeriens. 

Tell her a little more about this hobby. Perhaps you grew up in different countries around the world making you unique. Tell her fun stories from your childhood about all your adventures. Maybe you have a very unique job, like a spy, just kidding! You could be a video game designer, tell her about the games you design. 

To keep her coming back for more I would suggest not telling her everything at once. It is important to hold some things back.

Don’t be a pushover 

Now, it is important to be nice to any girl. With hot girls though, they normally have most of the power and well they know it! If you let them, they will walk all over you and make you chase them. 

So although you should be nice, you should not be a pushover. That means sometimes pushing back on ideas she has. If you both work together, it might be putting your foot down at work (but not being rude). Or telling her where you date spot will be and that’s that.

She will find this refreshing because guys normally run around after hot girls. They get a little sick of it and don’t find it attractive at all.

So you pushing back a little and not being such a push over will be seriously attractive and will make her think long term about you. 

Speak up 

You’ll never get the hot girl if you don’t speak up! Hot girls are almost always naturally confident although they can still be introverted. They won’t notice you if you sit in a corner in silence.

You need to find a way to speak to her weather it is when you are surrounded by friends or at a party. Think of something you can talk to her about and make your move.

I get it, it’s scary! You are brave though and if you want the girl, sometimes you have to take a risk! 

Eyes on her 

Keep your eyes on her and only her. It’s a fact, hot girls love attention. They want you to look at them and they want to be center of attention. If they see you staring at some other girl in the room, they will simply move on.

So you need to maintain eye contact and stay in the same area as them. Now I don’t mean stare her down! But make eye contact with her and stay engaged in a conversation, flirt a little and offer her a compliment. It will make her so happy and she will know that you are really into her. 

She will start thinking about you in a romantic way and will fall for you.

Tease her 

Teasing her will keep her on her toes. I don’t mean being cruel here and making fun of her. Teasing her gently though will keep her really interested and will make her laugh. So what do I mean by teasing? 

Maybe she says something that you simply do not agree with. Don’t say “you’re wrong” but in a jokey non-serious tone say, “oh I don’t know about that”. She’ll end up laughing which is what you want. 

When a hot girl laughs with you she immediately becomes interested. This is because it is not easy to make a hot girl laugh so if you have done it she will think ‘wow’! 

You could also tease her if she does something like trips over (but is not hurt) or does something clumsy. 

Be a joker 

If you can make her laugh at you, it means she is having a great time. Maybe you spilt your water or you are being a bit goofy, if she laughs, it’s a great sign. 

Being able to laugh at yourself and not take life too seriously shows her that you are confident in your own skin. Which if I am honest, is super sexy.

Be positive 

Let the good times flow. If you are more positive and happy then the other guys in the room, who do you think the hot girl is going to go for? You of course!

Being positive is important, if you are negative all the time, you are simply not a joy to be around. You need to bring up positive news stories or point out positive things.

Basically be an overall ball of positivity. The hot girl will love it and soon she will be your hot…girlfriend! 

Make sure you have a life 

If you are trying to get a hot girl to like you, you need to have your own life. This is so you can tell her stories about what you are up to or about your life in general. It’s also because she will want to be with someone who is interesting and has other things to do.

Believe me I get it, you probably want to be with her 24/7 and she might want that as well.

She’ll expect you to have your own life though. Good friends, a good job and good stories. 

If you are sitting there thinking, I have a boring life. It’s time to change it guys, join a club, step out of your comfort zone or travel. 

Anything to make you interesting to her. 

Be yourself 

At the end of the day, you don’t want to be with someone that doesn’t like you for you. You can only keep up appearances for so long and you will get tired of being someone else. If the girl likes you for who you are that is a great base for your relationship and it means you can properly fall for each other. 

So make sure she knows who you are and why you are the one for her

We hope these tips on how to get a hot girl to fall for you help. 

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