How To Sexually Attract Women

How To Sexually Attract Women

At some point men have to learn how to attract women.

Men assume it is a hard thing to do but actually it isn’t. You just have to learn how to do it before diving straight in.

Once you know how to sexually attract women, you’ll have way more luck getting them into the bedroom and you will have more luck in the bedroom itself.

How to sexually attract women

Why do you need to build sexual attraction first? 

Well, the answer to this might be obvious. If you want to attract a woman then you need to know how to build sexual attraction. If you don’t know how to build it then, you won’t experience it.

Without knowing how to build sexual attraction you might find yourself in the dreaded friend zone.

You can make a girl feel like the most special person in the world just by building sexual attraction.

You want to show her the best side of you so that she feels like she wants you right there and then.

Sexual attraction is very important, and you need it before anything goes any further. 

Make sure she finds you attractive 

The first step is making sure that she thinks of you as attractive.

We all have different tastes and find different people attractive so in some respects the power is out of your hands.

You can do some things though like dressing well and in a way that she finds attractive.

Remember you might need to update your wardrobe to reflect the current trends.

You should also work out, eat well, and keep up your hygiene practices. 

Always remember that every woman is different 

It might sound obvious but it’s true. Every single woman is different and unique. They have their own likes and dislikes.

You need to remember this in general but also in the bedroom. Everyone wants different things and is attracted to different things. Some ladies want a serious relationship, and some want something fun.

You need to get to know a woman first and not assume that you know what she likes and doesn’t like. 

Find out what she wants 

Does she want to take things further with you? If she does, is she looking for someone to date or someone to sleep with?

Knowing what she wants helps you understand what you need to do to sexually attract her.

You need to read her body language and ask her questions to figure out what she wants.

Taking this time will make it easier to take things a step further later. 

Understand her needs will change 

She might say that she just wants to sleep with you but after you have slept together, she might want to take things a step further.

It’s up to you as well whether this happens or not but understanding that her needs might change is important. That way it is less of a surprise if they do.

The same goes for who she is attracted to. One day she might be attracted to a nice boy but the next day she wants to date a bad boy. This will keep you on your toes and it means you need to make some form of connection quickly. 

You need to be yourself 

No matter what you need to be yourself.

Pretending to be someone you are not will only get you in trouble later.

She will realize that you are not who you have pretended to be and then everything will be over. You will be much better off just being yourself.

If she does not like you or is not sexually attracted to you, then it is not meant to be and you will find someone that is much better suited to you. 

Be confident 

If you don’t believe in yourself, no woman will.

Not everyone has a huge amount of self-confidence, but you can still act with confidence. It’s just like people can be shy and confident.

You need to be able to approach a woman and talk to her. You also need to be able to show her why you are so great. All of this requires confidence of course.

You also need to be able to speak up and ask her what it is she wants. It takes confidence to build sexual attraction but if you don’t have a huge amount of confidence, don’t worry. It’s something in this context you can fake. 

It’s all about feelings 

Your feelings and her feelings.

Both of your feelings matter and without them sexual attraction cannot exist.

For some women, they need love to be able to grow sexual attraction towards a guy.

For others they need a connection and trust to be able to sleep with a man.

Lastly, some women just need to be attracted to a man.

Either way you need to be aware of which feelings she needs to have so that she can develop sexual attraction towards you. 

Surely this goes without saying – be hygienic 

Women like men who smell nice. Make sure you stay hygienic by showering before meeting any women, using deodorant, maintaining body hair and wearing clean clothes.

Women look for men who can look after themselves because they don’t want to have to look after you.

Showing a woman that you can be hygienic is important because then she knows you care about yourself.  

Don’t pretend to be her friend 

It’s too much of a risky move and is sure to land you in the friend-zone. Try to avoid doing this and make sure she knows that you see her as someone who is more than a friend.

This does not mean that you shouldn’t support her and give her a shoulder to cry on, it just means make it clear that you are romantically interested in her.

Remember to flirt 

When you are trying to impress and attract a woman, it can be hard to think of everything you are supposed to do at that moment.

One thing you don’t want to forget is to flirt. Flirting help creates chemistry which is vital when it comes to sexually attracting a woman.

Flirting is fun and keeps a conversation engaging. Next time you are with a woman that you want to attract, don’t forget to flirt! 

Don’t get too hand on 

You would think that to sexually attract a woman a lot of touch would be involved. In some ways this is true, touching a woman tells her that you want more than friendship.

It’s important that you don’t go overboard with the touching though and get too handsy. Otherwise she will think you are only interested in sex and she might want something different like a relationship.

Small touches are fine but don’t go overboard. 

Make use of texting

Sexually attracting a woman isn’t just something that happens in person. It also happens over text.

Women love it when men text them because it shows they are making an effort.

You can flirt via text, show an interest in her and find out about what she wants from you.

Girls love it when guys send them texts asking how their day went or when they send them something and say, this reminded me of you. It shows that you care about her which girls often need to know before they can fully develop sexual attraction.

Making use of texting is a very smart move. 

Take it slow

Sometimes you will sexually attract a woman, sleep with her that night and then that will be it. Other times it will take more time.

It might take quite a few dates and a lot of time spent together for her to feel sexually attracted to you. In this case, you need to take things slower.

Try to slow the pace and see if things actually end up moving in a better direction.

Sexual attraction will develop if you let her have more time to get to know you. 

Be the man you want to be 

When you are trying to attract someone, you can end up being someone else. Sometimes you will enter into a relationship like this and after a few months or years you will realize that you have become someone else.

It’s a waste of your life because you are never going to be happy if you can’t be the man that you really want to be.

Don’t change yourself just to sexually attract a woman, be yourself and if it works out, that is great. 

Remember to relax 

Don’t rush yourself and definitely do not rush her.

Relax and take a moment to realize that everything might not happen overnight.

When you are not relaxed you come across as someone that is nervous and maybe desperate. This is not what you want to come across as of course which is why it’s important to take some deep breaths, relax and not rush things.

Let her have some control over how things go and try to go at her pace.

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